Sending the Right Message
Training and Support for Positive, Loving Relationships and Vibrant Health


“Action will remove the doubt that theory cannot solve.”                                                                                                      

--They Heist

Regardless of what you feel- regardless or what you believe- regardless of your inclinations- as you send the truth about who you are, you will come to know it.  Like voices echoing from the universe, you will hear it; "yes, this is you.  Keep going.  This is who you really are." The "Sending the Right Message" weekend workshop is a look at 9 different ways to send and to therefore know the truth about who you really are.  And who you really are is the most amazing miracle you have ever known.     Start sending the right (the true) message about yourself and see what kind of life, and relationships God has in store for you! Join us for our next workshop.

John Canaan is a popular voice in Utah.  He is the original voice of Michael McLean's, You're Not Alone.   His #1 hit song What if I Love You? was played on all the Utah pop stations in the 80s.  He is also the male vocalist on the Together Forever video.  In more recent days, John is better known for his relationships seminars and workshops.  John's unique and challenging life experiences have instilled in him a tremendous love for assisting others in improving their relationships. 

John's initial experience with relationships seminars began at BYU as a guest lecturer for Dr. Elmer Knowles where John also studied Child Development and Family Relations. Additionally John, worked as a full time life coach with Dr. Denis Waitley's Winning For Life team in Salt Lake in 1991. Since then, John has done hundreds of hours of relationship coaching and spoke to groups throughout the country, including a recent appearance with Dr. John Gray (author of Men are from Mars - Women are from Venus) and Dr. John Lund ("How to Hug a Porcupine").  John is currently the lead presenter of the "Sending the Right Message" workshops and has authored a 350 page e-book by the same name.

John and his wife Narelle have a blended family of ten children  

Join us for John's most popular seminar, 

"The Way to a Man's Heart / The Way to a Woman's Heart"