ARP - (12 Step)

12 Step - ARP  (Addiction Recovery Program)

Preface: Are you addicted?  
Through a careful, honest self examination it will occur to you that while you may not be “addicted”, technically, you are probably in the neighborhood.

Do you struggle with...
*needing to be right.
*needing to get your way.
*feelings of insecurity or loneliness.
*fast food and/or an over indulgence with refined sugar.
*diet coke.
*feeling out of energy.
*easily offended.
*holding blame against someone.   

If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, I promise you that you will be deeply blessed through this program.

Note: This is the LDS version of the 12 step program.  We use this, 1, because we feel that the “study and understanding” section is the best available and 2, because it’s a free, public service which we are very grateful for.

Please study (or listen to) each step before addressing the “Study & Understanding” questions in the manual or recordings.